IVECODaily 3+4 pick-up truck 9.0 m²

Driving licence category C, e.g. HGV licence
Platform dimensions L 4.30 m W 2.10 m H 0.40 m
Cargo space floor area 9,0m²
Tail lift or cargo loader Available
Carrying capacity 2,500 kg
Drive Rear wheel drive
Transmission Automatic
Fuel Diesel
Emission standard EURO6
Number of seats 3+4

Additional Info

Tow hook, Parking heater, cruise control, cargo attachment loops on the platform bottom, rack for long items, a shovel/iron bar rack, work lights on top of the platform and at the rear, telephone Bluetooth, lockable toolboxes under the platform, work lights on the rear wall, AVAILABLE: *) e.g. LED beacon, cargo loader, inverter

*) Vehicles can be customised with different types of accessories according to the customer’s needs at an additional cost


The Iveco Daily is a good choice for infrastructure building projects, for example. A rack for transporting long items allows even bigger transport, and the cabin has seats for seven. The accessories of the pick-up truck, which requires a category C driving licence, can be customised according to the customer’s needs. Accessories available at an additional cost include a LED beacon, a cargo loader, and an inverter. Automatic transmission makes driving easier, and work lights and cargo attachment loops facilitate work.


Pick-up truck’s features

Good accessories improve the comfort of use

Double the cargo space:

Tow hook

Additional space with a trailer attached to the tow hook.

A stable ride for cargo:

Cargo attachment loops on the platform bottom

Cargo attachment loops keep cargo in place during transport.

Also suitable for bigger items:

A track for transporting long items, a shovel/iron bar rack

Long items can be transported on a rack.

Good visibility also in the dark:

Work lights on top of the platform and at the rear

Work lights on top of the platform and at the rear make loading and unloading in the dark easier.

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