VolkswagenCrafter Cityliner 21m³

Driving license category B (passenger cars up to 3.5 t)
Outer dimensions max. L 6,70m W 2,47m H 3,30m
Cargo space, max. dimensions L 4,42m W 2,17m H 2,18m
Cargo space, max. volume 21m³
Tail lift or cargo loader Yes, max. lifting capacity 750 kg
Carrying capacity 740-935 kg
Drive Front/rear drive
Transmission Manual
Fuel Diesel
Emission standard
Number of seats 1+2

Additional Info

Engine block heater, air-conditioning, Parking heater (parralel), tie-down rails, tail lift with max. lifting capacity 750 kg, telephone Bluetooth, USB and AUX plugs.


The Volkswagen Crafter Cityliner is a spacious van that requires a category B driving licence. Loading, unloading and comfort of use are improved with the tail lift, cargo space side door and tie-down rails. With the giant-sized transport van registered for three, you can easily carry relocation cargo as well as packages to the destination reliably.

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Van features

Good accessories improve the driving experience

No need to suffer from the cold:

Parking heater (parallel)

Heat up your car easily in winter with an extra heater with timer.

A stable ride also for cargo:

Tie-down rails

Tie-down  rails keep cargo in place during transport.

Easier load handling:

Tail lift, max. lifting capacity 750 kg

A tail lift makes loading and unloading easier.

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