Mini-leasing is a cost-effective solution for seasonal needs

“At IP-Heikkilä Oy, we needed to expand our fleet of vans for next summer’s projects. We acquired the vehicle through Europcar’s mini-leasing agreement.

Our special selection criteria were a very competitive price and the possibility to brand the vehicle so that it matches the appearance of the rest of our fleet. Another criterion making Europcar a sensible choice was the possibility to return the vehicle when we no longer needed it whether this was after six months or a year and a half.

We thank Europcar for an outstanding service and recommend it to other companies. Contact Europcar and talk about mini-leasing services, especially in these uncertain times!”

Taavi Heikkilä, Managing Director, IP-Heikkilä Oy.






Cooperation with Europcar makes vehicle use efficient

Kattotutka Oy, a company offering roof installation services, has a staff of about 250 permanent employees and offices throughout Finland. During the busy summer season, the company rented vehicles from Europcar to complement its own fleet.

Kattotutka, a family-run company, was founded 26 years ago. Its customers mainly consist of property management companies, housing companies, cities, government agencies, parishes as well as different types of foundations. The company offers roof inspection, repair and maintenance services. It has 70 vans in use throughout the year.

“In addition, we will have some 30 Europcar vehicles in use during the peak season between spring and late autumn”, says Tuomas Kinnunen, Purchase Manager of Kattotutka Oy.


More need for vehicles during the peak season

“Our work volumes increase considerably during the peak season, and so does the need for vehicles. Cooperation with Europcar allows us to make efficient use of our vehicle fleet”, says Kinnunen.

Our cooperation with Europcar has continued smoothly for a couple of years. Kattotutka’s ongoing projects include renovating the sheet metal roof of a block of flats as well as painting the roof of Hornhattula day-care centre in Porvoo. These are some examples of the projects in which the company uses Europcar’s rental vehicles.

“We want to have a sufficient amount of our own fleet and can rent the rest of the vehicles from Europcar during the peak season”, concludes Kinnunen.


Fluent monthly invoicing

According to Kinnunen, Kattotutka has compared different service providers. It also requested offers from other companies, and Europcar was able to offer the best solution.

“Europcar is capable of delivering vehicles to places where we work. They send one invoice a month, and I must say that things have gone smoothly”, says Kinnunen.