Volvo FL250 38m³ kuorma-auto

Volvo FL250 38m³

The Volvo FL250 C truck has a carrying capacity of over 6,000 kg and requires a category C driving licence. A remote-controlled tail lift and an opening side make loading and unloading easier. Bluetooth allows you to make and answer business calls while driving. Rental for temporary or more permanent logistics services – Up to 36 months with flexible mini-leasing. The FL250 is suitable for deliveries, relocations, for use as a band performing stage, for companies and even private use. Driving comfort is improved by automatic transmission, which also makes driving in city traffic smoother.

At the moment available only in Helsinki metropolitan area and Oulu area. Please contact us, if questions!

Volkswagen Crafter lämpösäädeltävä pakettiauto

Volkswagen Crafter 8 m³ *temperature controlled*

Stylish and spacious Volkswagen Crafter is suitable for all temperature controlled transport needs of companies and private consumers. Carrier compressor and control unit allow you to keep the cargo space temperature at an optimum between 0 and 12°C. The tail lift makes the loading and unloading of heavy cargo easier. Modern features improve driving and passenger comfort. A cost-effective choice for festivals or daily needs.

Volkswagen Crafter 1+2hlö lava-auto

Volkswagen Crafter 1+2 person pick-up truck 9,0m²

The Volkswagen Crafter is a compact pick-up truck for construction sites, renovations or yard cleaning, for example. Equipped with a parking heater and cruise control, the Crafter can also be customised according to your needs with accessories at an additional cost. Registered for three, the vehicle has racks for transporting long items and allowing the loading of bigger items.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4,2m³ pakettiauto

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 4,2m³

A compact van with three doors and a large cargo space. The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi has a tow hook for a trailer if you need more cargo space.

Opel Vivaro 6,0m³ pakettiauto

Opel Vivaro 6,0m³

The Opel Vivaro is a spacious, versatile van that only requires a category B driving licence. An extra heater with timer makes sure that the vehicle is warm and ready in the morning and at the end of the working day. The Vivaro comes with an integrated navigator. Cargo can be loaded through the sliding door or the twin rear doors. The partition wall has a hatch for transporting long items, extending the cargo space by 40 cm.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 11,5m³ lämpösäädeltävä pakettiauto

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 11,5m³ *temperature controlled*

The temperature controlled Mercedes-Benz van helps you keep the cargo cool or warm. The spacious Sprinter with automatic transmission is an excellent choice for transporting food or berries, for example. Accessories improving driving comfort include a reversing camera, which makes it easier to park and turn the vehicle in tight spaces. Rent Europcar’s temperature controlled van to complement your company’s transportation fleet. An economic alternative to vehicle ownership.

IVECO Daily 3+4hlö lava-auto

IVECO Daily 3+4 person pick-up truck 9,0m²

The Iveco Daily is a good choice for infrastructure building projects, for example. A rack for transporting long items allows even bigger transport, and the cabin has seats for seven. The accessories of the pick-up truck, which requires a category C driving licence, can be customised according to the customer’s needs. Accessories available at an additional cost include a LED beacon, a cargo loader, and an inverter. Automatic transmission makes driving easier, and work lights and cargo attachment loops facilitate work.

Europcar umpiperäkärry

Europcar Enclosed trailer 11m³

More cargo space for your goods with Europcar’s enclosed trailer. Thanks to its large cargo space volume, the trailer is suitable for many purposes for both consumers and companies. An ideal complement to the existing transport fleet for transporting small machines or moving cargo, among other things. In spite of its large size, the trailer only requires a category B driving licence and a tow hook. Rent a well-equipped trailer from us.

OpelCombo 4.4 m³

Selected as the International Van of the Year in 2019, the Opel Combo is an excellent choice as a small van. This compact yet spacious van can carry many types of items and loads. It has many good features, such as a cabin for three, foldable seat, big 8” touch screen, and plenty of storage space in the cabin.

Volkswagen Crafter Cityliner 21m³

Volkswagen Crafter Cityliner 21m³

The Volkswagen Crafter Cityliner is a spacious van that requires a category B driving licence. Loading, unloading and comfort of use are improved with the tail lift, cargo space side door and tie-down rails. With the giant-sized transport van registered for three, you can easily carry relocation cargo as well as packages to the destination reliably.