Why Europcar?

Why Europcar?

Best service and a reliable partnership

Best service and a reliable partnership

Clear pricing, no hidden charges

Clear pricing, no hidden charges

 Support in every situation

Support in every situation

Renting a commercial vehicle from Europcar pays off

Choose a comprehensive, economic alternative to owning a car

75 rental stations, 30 locations


Europcar’s service network covers the whole country. As our customer, you have access to a safe, environmentally friendly fleet.

Best service and a reliable partnership


We are available 24/7. Through us, you can also customise or brand the vehicle to suit your needs.

Support in every situation


We address all your logistics needs: when you need a replacement car, your company has a busy season or you are relocating.

A risk-free, easy alternative


Free up your company’s capital for other uses and forget the worries and costs of vehicle ownership.

80% of customers recommend us

Customer satisfaction

Europcar’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) mean was almost 80% in 2018.

Rent for a day or weekend

Short-term rental

With a short-term rental, you can use the vehicle for 1-30 days. OneWay rental means that you do not have to take care of returning the vehicle to the
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Vehicle for up to three years with mini-leasing

Long-term rental

Mini-leasing allows for an open return. A daily rate will be charged for use after one month, so you can return the vehicle flexibly.

Clear pricing, no hidden charges


You only pay for use. As a private customer, you can pay by card, while corporate customers can request to be charged by invoice.

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What kind of needs could be You can give a preliminary estimate of the usage time and the number of cars